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Historic literature on concrete

From 1897, (the first complete reinforced concrete building  in the UK) there was an emergence and development of a genre of specialist books on concrete at a time when reinforced concrete was a new technology.  This continued until the mid 1930s when the literature mushroomed and the basic technology was understood and codified.

The book Some Writers on Concrete is a blend of biography and bibliography that traces the emergence and development of this specialist literature.  A wealth of historic literature is available from the library at The Concrete Society.

The emergence of specialist organisations aiming to develop the use of concrete took a similar path over this period with the creation of bodies such as the Concrete Institute, the Concrete Utilities Board and the Reinforced Concrete Association which was founded in 1933. In the USA the pattern was similar with the establishment of the Portland Cement Association (PCA) and American Concrete Institute (ACI).

Some writers on concrete

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society