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Capillary rise test

A sample of concrete is placed with one surface just in contact with water and the height or weight of water absorbed by capillary rise is measured.  It is good practice to seal the sides of the specimen adjoining the inflow face in order to eliminate evaporative flow from the sides, therefore ensuring that flow is in one–direction only.

A capillary rise test method is specified by RILEM in a tentative recommendation CPC13.   Capillary absorption tests are specified by the Belgian Standards Institute, (NBN B15–217), the Deutches Institute fur Normung (DIN 52617) and the Scandinavians in a Nordtest. 

BS EN 13057:2002  Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures. Test methods. Determination of resistance of capillary absorption describes a capillary test method for concrete repair materials whilst BS EN 480–5:2005  Admixtures for concrete, mortar and grout. Test methods. Part 5. Determination of capillary absorption  describes a capillary test method for measuring the mass of water absorbed by a mortar test sample under specified conditions.

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