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Cracking in composite concrete/metal decking floor slabs

Composite concrete/profiled steel sheet slabs are a popular form of construction for suspended floor slabs, as they are simple and economical to design and construct. Generally they are found to be satisfactory in service. However, visible cracking is one aspect that occasionally causes problems and complaints from building occupiers. As the majority of composite floors are covered (by finishes, flooring or a raised computer floor) cracking is generally not readily visible. Sometimes the floor use dictates that the surface of the composite slab is left uncovered, e.g. power trowelled floor finishes. It is on exposed floors that cracking can be an issue.

The Concrete Society document Advice 13 Cracking in composite concrete/metal decking floor slabs outlines the causes of the cracking and steps that could be taken to control or minimise it.

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society

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Cracking in composite concrete slabs using metal decking

Crack width measurement