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Identity testing for strength in accordance with BS EN 206 and BS 8500-1

The responsibility for demonstration of conformity of concrete supplied in accordance with the Standard for concrete, BS EN 206, is placed upon the concrete supplier. BS 8500-1 strongly recommends that the producer holds third-party certification, e.g. QSRMC or BSI to provide an independent audit on conformity.

Specifiers of concrete should therefore have a high degree of confidence in the material’s conformity. The user will probably carry out consistence tests regularly, as this is important in the practical placeability of the concrete delivered. Any non-conformity can be dealt with immediately. However, an independent check on characteristic strength may also be desirable.

The Concrete Advice document is aimed at contractors and consultants and should be read in conjunction with BS 8500-1. It explains how to specify identity testing for strength and how to assess the results.

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Identity testing for strength in accordance with BS EN 206-1 and BS 8500-1