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External in-situ concrete paving

Very large areas of paving are constructed around distribution centres and retail and manufacturing facilities each year. Most of this paving is constructed using in-situ concrete. Concrete provides many benefits in this application. It is rigid and hard wearing and provides a surface which drains well at low gradients and which can be textured to provide skid resistance.

Concrete Society Technical Report 66, External in-situ concrete paving, is intended for designers, contractors, owners and operators. It provides guidance on design, giving approaches for determining the required thickness of unreinforced and conventionally reinforced concrete, fibre-reinforced concrete and roller-compacted concrete, and the provision of joints. The chapter on materials covers the foundation layers as well as the concrete itself, including steel reinforcement, fibres and the use of recycled aggregates. The various construction methods are reviewed along with the methods for achieving the required surface texture. The chapter on maintenance briefly covers inspection and repairs.

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TR66 External in-situ concrete paving

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