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Insulating concrete formwork

Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF) is an innovative modern method of construction which combines the inherent strength of concrete with the excellent thermal insulation properties of polystyrene to produce cost-effective and durable structures. The polystyrene is used as permanent formwork for the concrete and is available as either expanded or extruded polystyrene, in a variety of configurations and a number of proprietary systems.

The basic structure is typically erected by a team of three or four site operatives and filled by pumping a very workable concrete in storey-height lifts. In addition to providing a strong structure, the concrete provide excellent sound insulation, fire resistance and the ability for thermal capacity. Designers appreciate the basic elegance and simplicity of ICF systems and have been quick to employ them for a variety of applications.

 Further information may be obtained from Design and construction using insulating concrete formwork, by Tovey, Roberts and Kilcommons, and from the Insulating Concrete Formwork Association 


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Design and construction using insulating concrete formwork