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Self-compacting concrete guidelines

European guidelines for self-compacting concrete have been published by EFNARC, (the European Federation of Producers and Applicators of Specialist Products or Structures) and are available from EFNARC cover the following topics:
Engineering properties
Specifying self-compacting concrete
Constituent materials
Mix composition
Site requirements
Placing and finishing
Appearance and surface finish

Since the EFNARC document was published Standards now exist for testing fresh SCC (August 2010). These are covered under BS EN 12350 Testing Fresh Concrete parts 8 to 12. Similarly, concrete production and testing were covered in BS EN 206-9 Concrete: Additional rules for self-compacting concrete (published April 2010). However note that BS EN 206-1 and BS EN 206-9 (2010) have been revised and rationalised as a single Standard BS EN 206 (2013).

BS 8500 was revised and republished in 2015 with amendments have also been included in 2016 and 2019.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

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