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Friction between elements

There may be a requirement to know the coefficient of friction between elements in contact, for example precast units resting on a concrete corbel or structural steel members on a concrete support. Values are not included in design codes such as BS 8110 (now withdrawn) and Eurocode 2.

Whilst there is some guidance in the BS EN 12812: 2008, Falsework Performance requirements and general design. Informative Annex B  (based on research work in Germany) more comprehensive guidance is given in BS 5975:2008 + A1 2011 Code of practice for temporary works procedures and the permissible stress design of falsework.  These values are base on work at Birmingham University, published by Pallett et al in CONCRETE in 2002. A few values are give below:

Concrete/concrete                                   0.4
Steel (plain, unrusted)/cast concrete          0.1
Steel (plain, unrusted)/trowelled concrete   0.5

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Friction between materials