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Floor saw

The floor saw is either pushed by the operator or more generally it is a self-propelled unit, powered by either a diesel, petrol engine or electric motor and guided by the operator. Floor saws vary in power from 13 HP to in excess of 70 HP.

Floor or self-propelled saws are used extensively on roads and motorways to cut asphalt and concrete cleanly and quickly to enable efficient repairs and alterations to be carried out to these surfaces. The advantages of the floor saw over the track/wall saw is that it does not require any setting up time, has its own power unit and is a very rapid cutting machine.

For roads, runways, warehouse aprons and ground floors, this machine is ideal. Cutting depths can reach 550mm, although greater depths have been cut, depending on the blade and guard size. Some companies are now using laser guided machines in factories and warehouses to obtain straight and accurate lines.

Further information may be obtained from the Drilling and Sawing Association