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Polymer modified cementitious screeds and wearing screeds

These are covered by BS 8204, Screeds, bases and in-situ floorings, Part 3: Polymer modified cementitious screeds and wearing screeds code of Practice (2004).

They are a mixture of cement, agregate and water, modified with a polymer dispersion where the proportion of polymer solids based on mass of dry cement is at least 4%.

The main advantages of Polymer modified cementitious screeds are:
Enhanced adhesion to the concrete base
Thinner applications
Resistance to cracking
Improved toughness, durability and resilience
Improved resistance to impact, abrasion and dusting
Low permeability and reduced absorption of liquids and greases.

These are usually propriatary materials, and should be formulated in accordance with BS EN 13813

Further reading: PYE, PW and HARRISON, HW. Floors and Flooring, BRE, 2003.