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Testing sprayed concrete (shotcrete)

Currently the testing sprayed concrete (or shotcrete), both in the fresh and hardened state, is covered by European Federation of Producers and Applicators of Specialist Products for Structures (EFNARC), European specification for sprayed concrete, available from www.efnarc.org

and by

BS EN 14488, Testing sprayed concrete, which is divided into 7 parts as follows:

Part 1: Sampling fresh and hardened concrete
Part 2: Compressive strength of young sprayed concrete
Part 3: Flexural strengths (first peak, ultimate and residual) of fibre reinforced beam specimens
Part 4: Bond strength of cores by direct tension
Part 5: Determination of energy absorption capacity of fibre reinforced slab specimens
Part 6: Thickness of concrete on a substrate
Part 7: Fibre content of fibre reinforced concrete.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

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TR56 Construction and repair with wet-process sprayed concrete and mortar