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Industrial surface preparation equipment

The removal of existing floor coverings, for example, sheet vinyl, linoleum etc., or the preparation of a poor concrete substrate to receive new flooring or coatings (resins or paints need a good key and flatness for overall finish) requires specialist equipment.


Stripping surface floorings from concrete can be intensive. Walk-behind and self-propelled mechanical strippers are available.

Enclosed vacuum shot blasting

Typically used for the preparation of concrete floors up to depths of 3mm, it etches the surface with metal balls. Different size balls give different removal depth and texture.


A rotating circular wheel cuts the surface while a variety of attachments allow for cleaning, grinding and milling. These tend to produce large amounts of dust and vibration although dust collectors can be used.


Diamond discs are used to level uneven surfaces, clear away mortars and remove sticky materials, e.g. bitumen or neoprene type adhesives. They are good for exposing the aggregate and developing a polish on a concrete floor. Specialist grinders have a variety of grinding heads fitted with diamond and resin bond discs. Wet grinding is also an option.


The above equipment will impart a surface texture. Where re-texturing is required e.g. for a road, external hardstanding or airfield, larger mechical equipment is needed with perhaps multiple tungsten carbine tips.

Dust free scarifying
MS600 removing vinyl sheet.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society