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Bridge deck waterproofing

The waterproofing of bridge decks is recognised in the UK as a vital operation to enhance the durability of the structure. Waterproofing materials and systems have to meet the requirements in Highways Agency document CD 358 - Waterproofing and surfacing of concrete bridge decks (formerly BA 47 and BD 47). In addition materials used in the bridge deck waterproofing operation are subjected to a series of tests in order to obtain a BBA Roads and Bridges Certificate. The products currently available can be divided into two main categories, namely sheet systems and liquid sprayed systems.

The success of the bridge deck waterproofing operation is reliant on site procedures, workmanship and the prevailing weather conditions. The work should be undertaken by suitably trained and experienced operatives.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

Other references:Current Practice Sheet 143, Bridge Deck Waterproofing, CONCRETE, April 2005, pp. 33–34.
(Note that Concrete Society Current Practice Sheets can be downloaded from the Members´ Area of the Concrete Society web site.)