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Fibres for concrete

The properties of fibres for use in concrete are covered by BS
EN 14889, Fibres for concrete,
Part 1, Steel fibres Definition, specifications and conformity,
Part 2, Polymer fibres Definition, specifications and conformity.

One requirement is for the supplier to declare the unit volume of fibres in kg/m3 to achieve a residual flexural strength of 1.5 MPa at 0.47mm central deflection and/or a residual flexural strength of 1MPa at 3.0mm central deflection.  The standard beam test is covered by BS EN 14845, Test methods for concrete, Part 2, Effect on strength. Reference concretes for the manufacture of specimens are covered in Part 1 of this Standard.

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TR63 Guidance for the design of steel-fibre-reinforced concrete

TR65 Guidance on the use of macro-synthetic fibre reinforced concrete