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Diamond wire saw

The method of setting up is similar to that of the track saw (see separate entry) but with the saw blade replaced by a grooved 800 mm diameter pulley wheel to take the diamond wire, which is passed over any number of small idler pulleys to the surface being cut.

The wire has diamond beads along its length, separated by small springs, plastic or rubber, and can be of almost any length. The wire is positioned over the pulleys and fed through pre-drilled holes in the concrete that is being cut and back over the drive pulley. Sawing is carried out at a constant speed, whilst applying pressure on the wire by gently applying a steady backward movement along the track.

Water must always be used for lubrication and cooling of the diamond beads etc. This machine is remote controlled by the operator, who should be located in a position where the wire and drive wheel can be viewed, but not directly in line. Access to the area must be prevented for all persons during operations, as there is a risk from the breakage of a wire whilst running round the pulleys and through the material.

Further information may be obtained from the Drilling and Sawing Association

Wire saw

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