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Track/wall saw

This equipment was developed to enable cutting of door and window openings through walls as well as through floors for stairways, lifts, etc., without the need to stitch drill a series of interlocking holes.

A track, secured to the concrete by means of bolts, carries a travelling bogey that carries the diamond saw, which is powered by a hydraulic motor. The diameter of the blade can be as small as 450 mm to as large as 2 m or more. Cutting is carried out by making a series of passes along the length being cut, starting with a small diameter blade and working up to finish with one suitable to complete the job. The depth of each pass depends upon the type of material, the blade and the operative.

It is vital to ensure that all sections being cut or worked upon are adequately supported, and all services made safe.

Further information may be obtained from the Drilling and Sawing Association

Track saw

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