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Masonry - Workmanship

Masonry units should be laid on a full bed of mortar and the ‘perpends’ substantially filled (except in the case where weep hole are required). When walls are to be plastered or rendered the joints should be raked back to provide an additional key for the plaster/render. The finishing of the joints is important as it can enhance the scale and appearance of the walls. Tooled joints (bucket handle, weathered, vee or raked) highlight the unit’s arrises and the accuracy of the coursing. Flush joints are not recommended for facing or work to be decorated.

Precautions need to be taken when laying the masonry units if the temperature is at or below 3°C and/or there is risk that it could fall below freezing point before the mortar has hardened.

Concrete masonry should be protected during periods of inclement weather to reduce the occurrence of efflorescence particularly when constructing visually important walling.

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society