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Masonry - Sizes & strengths

Aggregate blocks are normally available in two face sizes (440 x 215 mm or 390 x 190 mm) in a range of thickness from 75 mm to 215 mm. Strengths are in the range of 2.8 N/mm2 to 35 N/mm2 depending on shape, form and type. Dense aggregate blocks provide the higher strengths.

Aircrete blocks, being lighter than aggregate blocks, can be produced in larger sizes while still being easily handled on site. Common face sizes are 440 or 620 mm long by 215mm high in thickness from 60 mm to 355 mm. Strengths are generally at the lower end of the range, i.e. 2.8 to 8.4 N/mm2.

For further information see the Concrete Block Association or the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Products Association 

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society