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Reference panels for surface finishes

The existing definitions of surface finishes in British Standards and other documents are extremely subjective. Lack of any physical reference means that widely differing interpretations can be formed on what constitutes an acceptable finish. As a result there are often conflicting views between clients, architects and other members of the project team on what is required or on the finish that has been delivered.

Reference panels demonstrating surface finishes Types A and B as specified in BS 8110 (now withdrawn) have been fabricated and are on display at several locations in England and one in Scotland. The finish classification has been updated to conform to BS EN 13670 Execution of concrete of Basic, Ordinary, Plain and Special. Details may be obtained from the CONSTRUCT web site.

Similar panels demonstrating surface finishes Types F2 and F4 in accordance with Clause 1708 of the Specification for Highway Works are on display at eight locations, five in England and one each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Details may be obtained from the Concrete Bridge Development Group web site.

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