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Detailing of reinforcement

Design methods in codes of practice lead to the required cross-sectional area of steel reinforcement in a member (e.g. a beam, slab or column) to give the necessary strength in bending, compression, tension or shear as appropriate. Detailing is the process of determining from this required area the number, shape and location of the reinforcing bars. This will be governed by considerations of structural efficiency and construction requirements, such as the clear spacing between bars to allow effective placing and compaction of the concrete.

Limited guidance on the detailing of reinforcement is given in codes of practice (such as Eurocode 2 which supersedes the now withdrawn BS 8110) but more comprehensive guidance may be found in The Institution of Structural Engineers/Concrete Society document Standard method of detailing structural concrete: a manual for best practice. The Third Edition, published in 2006, has been updated in line with current design practices and is in accordance with the detailing requirements of Eurocode 2.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

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Congested reinforcement:effects on placing and compacting concrete

Designed and detailed: Eurocode 2 - GCG9

Standard method of detailing structural concrete: a manual for best practice