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Car Park slab finishes

The floor of a car park should be serviceable but not noticeable. Puddles, crude irregularities and stains will attract the attention of the driver and passengers. Although, as the designer hopes, car park users may never notice the floor surface, it can nevertheless have an important influence on the customerís reaction to a car park. Uneven surface finishes will be uncomfortable to walk on in soft-soled shoes.

Smooth surfaces have less skid resistance and enhance the levels of tyre noise in turning areas; however, vehicle speeds are low and, even in the wet, skid resistance may not be as critical as in normal highway design. The surface should be suitable for the application of traffic direction and stall markings.

Surfaces of consistently good appearance can only be achieved with consistent materials, timing and surface finishing processes. Even minor changes in day-to-day methods cause irregular textures and patterning that detract badly from the appearance of a floor.

Acknowledgement: The Institution of Structural Engineers

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