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Geometric requirements

Parking arrangements should be designed to allow drivers to manoeuvre easily and safely and, where appropriate, to segregate vehicles from pedestrian areas and routes. The manoeuvring ease is a function of aisle and bay widths, which also influence the dynamic capacity of the car park. This is of particular importance for short-stay car parks such as at retail centres where aisle capacities are critical to the operation car park. For longer-stay car parks, this is not so critical; therefore the bay dimensions could be reduced where customers are more familiar with the parking arrangements such as at office or station car parks.

Particular geometric requirements to consider are:

Bay width and length
Aisle width and bin width
Side clearance on structure
Column location
Floor gradient
Ramp and access-way gradients
Ramp and access-way curvature, widths and clearance on structure
Kerb height
Entry and exit arrangements.

Acknowledgement: The Institution of Structural Engineers

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Design recommendations for multi-storey and underground car parks