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Workmanship and Execution standards

Workmanship, now termed Execution, is covered in many Standards. Parts of BS 8000, Workmanship on building sites are applicable to general concrete work, as follows:

Part 2, Code of practice for concrete work is intended for small or simple jobs.
Part 2.1, Mixing and transporting concrete. Special concrete for civil engineering works, ready-mixed concrete, precast concrete and designed mixes are not covered.
Part 2.2, Sitework with in situ and precast concrete does not cover concrete work carried out for civil engineering and other specialist applications.
Part 9, Cementitious levelling screeds and wearing screeds. Code of practice.

The design code BS 8110 Structural concrete contained workmanship clauses. However, its replacement European Standard series EC2 does not contain workmanship clauses. They are provided in EN 13670-1 Execution of concrete structures.

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society