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Externally bonded FRP Applications

Typical applications for strengthening concrete structures with FRP are listed below.

Buildings, car parks etc
Floor slabs to carry additional imposed loads or following structural alterations, such as forming new openings. Provide continuity over supports or between precast units.
Columns to carry additional load, increase seismic resistance or replace missing links.
Masonry walls to increase seismic resistance.

Road and rail bridges
Slabs to carry additional traffic loading, improve continuity or increase transverse bending capacity.
Edge beams following impact damage.
Columns to improve impact resistance or seismic performance.
Arched support structures.

Industrial buildings
Power station cooling towers to resist wind loading.
Towers, chimneys etc to increase seismic resistance.
Tunnels, lighthouses etc.

Bible Christian Bridge, Bodmin Bypass

Adur Viaduct

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TR55 Design guidance for strengthening concrete structures using fibre composite materials

TR57 Strengthening concrete structures with fibre composite materials- acceptance, inspection an

TG10 Enhancing the capacity of concrete bridges