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Aggregates Tests for properties

The following Standards cover the properties of aggregates for concrete; each is divided into a number of Parts as indicated.

BS EN 932, Tests for general properties of aggregates
1. Methods of sampling
2. Methods of reducing laboratory samples
3. Procedure and terminology for simplified petrographic description
4. Not issued
5. Common equipment and calibration
6. Definitions of repeatability and reproducibility.

BS EN 933, Tests for geometrical properties of aggregates
1. Determination of particle size distribution. Sieving method.
2. Determination of particle size distribution. Test sieves, nominal size of apertures.
3. Determination of particle shape. Flakiness index.
4. Determination of particle shape. Shape index.
5. Determination of percentage of crushed and broken surfaces in coarse aggregate particles.
6. Assessment of surface characteristics. Flow coefficient of aggregates.
7. Determination of shell content. Percentage of shells in coarse aggregates.
8. Assessment of fines. Methylene blue test.
9. Assessment of fines. Sand equivalent test.
10. Assessment of fines. Grading of fillers (air-jet sieving).
11. Classification test for the constituents of coarse recycled aggregate.

BS EN 1097, Tests for mechanical and physical properties of aggregates
1. Resistance to wear (micro-Deval)
2. Resistance to fragmentation
3. Loose bulk density and voids
4. Voids of dry compacted filler
5. Water content (drying in ventilated oven)
6. Particle density and water absorption
7. Particle density of filler (Pyknometer method)
8. Polished stone value
9. Resistance to wear by abrasion from studded tyres (Nordic test)
10. Water suction height
11. Determination of compressibility and confined compressive strength of lightweight aggregates

BS EN 1367, Tests for thermal and weathering properties of aggregates
1. Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing
2. Magnesium sulfate test
3. Boiling test for Sonnenbrand basalt
4. Determination of drying shrinkage
5. Determination of resistance to thermal shock
6. Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing in the presence of salt (NaCl)
7. Determination of resistance to freezing and thawing of Lightweight aggregates
8. Determination of resistance to disintegration of Lightweight Aggregates

BS EN 1744, Tests for chemical properties of aggregates
1. Chemical analysis
2. Not issued
3. Preparation of eluates by leaching of aggregates
4. Determination of water susceptibility of fillers for bituminous mixtures
5. Determination of acid soluble chloride salts
6. Determination of the influence of recycled aggregate extract on the initial setting time of cement
7. Determination of loss of ignition of Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate (MIBA Aggregate)
8. Sorting test to determine metal content of Municipal Incinerator Bottom Ash (MIBA) Aggregates

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society