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Specifying concrete - BS 5328 and BS 8500

BS 5328, Concrete was in four Parts.

Part 1, ´Guide to specifying concrete´
Part 2, ´Methods for specifying concrete mixes´
Part 3, ´Specification for the procedures to be used in producing and transporting concrete´
Part 4, ´Specification for the procedures to be used in sampling, testing and assessing compliance of concrete´.

BS 5328 was replaced in December 2003 (updated in 2006, and 2015) by: BS 8500, Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206-1. This standard should be read in conjunction with BS EN 206, Concrete, Specification, performance, production and conformity´

BS 8500 was revised and republished in 2015 to reflect that BS EN 206-1(2000) and BS EN 206-9 (2010) Concrete: Additional rules for self-compacting concrete have been revised and rationalised as a single Standard BS EN 206:2013. Further amendments have also been included in 2016 and 2019

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society