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Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme

HAPAS (the Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme) was set up by the Highways Agency (HA), now Highways England, the County Surveyors Society (CCS) and the British Board of Agrément (BBA), with the objective of developing national approval arrangements for innovative products, materials and systems for use in highways and related areas. The scheme removes the need for individual authorities to carry out their own assessments and tests.

HAPAS specialist groups draw up guideline documents that give details of tests, assessment criteria and quality assurance requirements. These are used by the British Board of Agrément for its evaluations. The approval process involves laboratory and witness testing, site inspection and evaluation of the source of production of the materials under assessment.

HAPAS product sectors include high friction surfacing systems, crack sealing systems, repair materials and bridge parapet anchorages. Other guidelines are being developed.

For further information see the HAPAS pages of the British Board of Agrément website.

Acknowledgement: British Board of Agrément