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Test methods for repair materials

Various European Standards covering test methods for protection and repair materials have been published or are being developed. The main standard is: BS EN 1504, Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures: Definitions, requirements, quality control and evaluation of conformity, is divided into 10 parts.

EN 1504 Part 1 Definitions.

EN 1504 Part 2: Surface protection systems for concrete.

EN 1504 Part 3: Structural and non-structural repair.

BS EN 1504 Part 4 Structural bonding

BS EN 1504 Part 5 Concrete injection

BS EN 1504 Part 6: Grouting to anchor reinforcement or to fill external voids

BS EN 1504 Part 7: Reinforcement corrosion protection.

BS EN 1504 Part 8: Quality control and evaluation of conformity

EN 1504 Part 9: General principles for the use of products and systems

BS EN 1504 Part 10: Site application of products and systems and quality control of the works

Further information may be found on the web site of the Concrete Repair Association

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TR69 Repair of concrete structures with reference to BS en 1504