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Tests on cores other than strength

Laboratory tests of porosity, water absorption, permeability and diffusion of gases and ionic species can be carried out on sections from cores. The tests are used as a fairly general assessment of concrete quality or are used to provide parameters for use in estimates of remaining life. A range of chemical tests can be carried out on sub-samples of concrete dust, obtained from cores or lump samples by drilling or grinding. Petrography (see separate entry) can be used to determine a range of information on the constituent materials.

Guidance on various tests may be found in Concrete Society Technical Report 32, Analysis of hardened concrete: A guide to testing procedures and interpretation of results and Technical Report 71, Concrete petrography: An introductory guide for the non-specialist.

Petrographic image

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TR32 Analysis of hardened concrete - 2nd Edition

TR54 Diagnosis of deterioration in concrete structures- identification of defects, evaluation an

TR71 Concrete petrography

TG2 Guide to testing and monitoring the durability of concrete structures