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Concrete from ready-mixed concrete suppliers

A ready-mixed concrete plant is set up to produce many types of concrete. The concrete mixes have been designed to meet the potential specifications of clients. The constituent materials are batched by weight and not volume. This means that the concrete batched should be as originally designed and comply to the rigorous quality control systems implemented.

There are 5 main categories which have been devised to assist in the ordering of the concrete dependent on the needs and technical awareness of the customer. Although concrete can be ordered by discussion and arrangement with the local supplier, the British Standard BS 8500-1 Concrete - Complementary British Standard to BS EN 206 (in 2 parts) has been used by industry from December 2003 (replacing BS 5328). Using this standard, concrete shall be specified either as;

Designated concrete
Designed concrete
Prescribed concrete
Standardised prescribed concretes
or Proprietary concrete

all conforming to part 2 of BS 8500 and BS EN 206 Concrete, Specification, performance, production and conformity.

BS 8500 was revised and republished in 2015 to reflect that BS EN 206-1 (2000) and BS EN 206-9 (2010) Concrete: Additional rules for self-compacting concrete have been revised and rationalised as a single Standard BS EN 206:2013. Further amendments have also been included in 2016 and 2019

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