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Prestressing - certification scheme

The UK Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels (generally known as UK CARES or CARES) operates a certification scheme for post-tensioning systems. Off-site activities overseen include product testing, compliance with national standards, quality records and training of site personnel.

On-site activities include the storage and handling of materials, grout trials, duct installation, testing and identification, strand installation, stressing, anchoring, batching and mixing of grout, injection of grout and post-grouting installation. For further information on aspects of grouting, including remedial grouting, see TR 72, Durable post-tensioned concrete structures.

For the specific application of post-tensioned flat slabs CARES have published their Model specification for bonded and unbonded post-tensioned flat slabs.

Further information: Email: General@ukcares.com. Web: www.ukcares.com.

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TR72 Durable post-tensioned concrete structures