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Loadings - European Standards

Common European Standards have been prepared to cover all aspects of design. Loadings are dealt with in Eurocode 1 (EN 1991), Actions on structures. The various parts of EN 1991, are given below.

There is currently a period of consultation during which the European Standards coexist with British Standards. In due course British Standards will be withdrawn, being completely replaced by the European Standards.

EN 1991-1-1: Densities, self-weight and imposed loads
EN 1991-1-2: Actions on structures exposed to fire
EN 1991-1-3: Snow loads
EN 1991-1-4: Wind loads 
EN 1991-1-5: Thermal actions 

EN 1991-1-6: Actions during execution 
EN 1991-1-7: Accidental actions due to impact and explosions 
EN 1991-2: Traffic loads on bridges
EN 1991-3: Actions induced by cranes and machinery 
EN 1991-4: Actions in silos and tanks

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society