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Precast concrete suspended floors

A precast concrete suspended floor generally consists of precast units used in one of three ways. Individual precast concrete slab units may be cast in such sizes that can completely span between supports on all sides of each panel. Typically, projecting reinforcement from the sides of adjoining precast panels is built into in-situ concrete connecting strips to provide continuity at supports.

Individual precast concrete units may be constructed and built into a floor, typically, to span one-way between supporting members. A variety of section profiles are available from precast concrete manufacturers in the UK including voided or solid units, of slab depth and of various widths, and ‘tee’ or ‘double-tee’ beams where the adjacent beam-top flanges form the suspended floor surface, which is typically covered with a screed, layer to give a final finish.

Alternatively, the floor may be formed from precast concrete beams spanning one-way between supporting members, and spaced apart with concrete filler blocks between and supported on the beams. Typically, the beams and blocks are covered with a screed layer to provide a final floor finish.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society