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Design of formwork

The design of formwork should be undertaken by an experienced Temporary Works Designer.

Soffit formwork should be designed for the self weight of the wet concrete plus construction loading, from operatives, equipment and plant. Vertical formwork should be designed to resist the concrete pressures. Fresh concrete acts like a liquid and high pressures can be produced in deep sections. This pressure acts in all directions and can have a tendency to lift formwork as well as to ‘burst’ it.

The formwork, and the associated falsework, must be stable (i.e. must not move laterally) and be designed to resist horizontal loadings, including wind. The formwork must be safe in use and must have means of safe access for operatives.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

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Checklist for assembly, use and striking of formwork

Concrete on site 3: Formwork

Checklist for erecting and dismantling falsework