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Erection & dismantling

Falsework should be designed and detailed so that it can be erected and dismantled without compromising the safety of operatives and/or the permanent structure. Proprietary systems should be erected and installed in accordance with the manufacturer´s recommendations.

Where falsework is required to be used for access, it should be designed and detailed in accordance with the relevant regulations regarding access scaffolds, platforms, walkways, etc.

As falsework will often be present for the overall safety or stability of a structure, it should not be removed until approval is given by the designer or other person in authority responsible for the safety of the permanent structure.

Care is needed in the erection and dismantling of falsework so that that it always has lateral stability. Guidance maybe found in two leaflets from The Concrete Society, Checklist for erecting and dismantling falsework and Checklist for the assembly, use and striking of formwork, and in the CONSTRUCT A guide to the safe use of formwork and falsework. Friction between materials should also be assessed to minmimse the risk of movement under load.

Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society

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Checklist for assembly, use and striking of formwork