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Skips & buckets

Skips and buckets, lifted by crane, are commonly used for distributing concrete on sites where material has to be moved vertically as well as horizontally. Skips generally have discharge doors at the bottom whereas buckets are emptied by being turned upside down.

Skips are used on building and general civil engineering sites. They come in a range of sizes from 0.2 m3 to 1 m3. There are two basic types of skip. The lay-back, or roll-over, rolls over onto its back to be filled and has a side discharge. The constant-aspect skip has a bottom opening and may be fitted with a chute for sideways discharge.

Buckets have a bigger capacity, up to 6 m,3, and are normally used on heavy civil engineering projects. They are difficult to control when being emptied as they discharge by tipping over.

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