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Cracks due to anchorage or lap failure

Failure of the anchorage of a ribbed bar, or failure of a lap between ribbed bars, will lead to the formation of cracks along the line of the bar. In pre-tensioned elements, cracks may form along the lines of the tendons in the anchorage regions. In post-tensioned structures, the anchor block will be designed as a reinforced concrete member and hence some cracking is to be expected.

Appropriate guidance is given in the design Eurocodes Eurocode 2; Part 1-1 covers buildings, Part 2 covers bridges and Part 3 covers Liquid retaining and containing structures. These parts of Eurocode 2 have replaced BS 8110, BS 5400 Part 4 and BS 8007.

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TR54 Diagnosis of deterioration in concrete structures- identification of defects, evaluation an