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Starter bar units or continuity strips

Starter bar units, or continity strips, are used as an efficient means of maintaining continuity across structural joints in concrete.

Pre-bent high tensile bars are contained in a galvanised housing that is fixed to the formwork. After the concrete is poured and the formwork removed, the lid of the casing is removed to expose the bars. These are straightened and can be lapped to the reinforcement for the subsequent concrete pour.

This type of unit is covered by CARES Technical Approval assessment. Further information may be found in Ancillary products for reinforced concrete construction, Part 8 of The CARES Guide to Reinforcing Steels series, which is available from UK CARES (www.ukcares.com). There are 4 CARES approved types (Feb 2018); Startabox (RFA-Tech), Eazistrip (Ancon), Ferbox (Invisible Connections), and Kwikastrip (Halfen).


Acknowledgement: The Concrete Society