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Part of the Society’s remit is to arm those using concrete with the knowledge needed to successfully get the most out of the material and to this end we develop the following:


The Society produces some of the most highly respected and authoritative guides in the industry. Usually authored by Working Groups consisting of Society engineers and representatives from organisations working in the relevant sectors, our reports are written for the industry by the industry. A full list of titles in print can be found on our website and are available to purchase from: Concrete Bookshop


In order to keep your workforce up-to-date the Society offers a range of training events and best practice seminars. These are run regularly at our head office but we also offer in-house events which can be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Contact: education@concrete.org.uk

The Society works with various Universities and Institutions to ensure the right courses and qualifications are available for you. For details of any of these visit our website or contact The Society. Contact: education@concrete.org.uk


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