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Basements for Dwellings - Building regulations

Approved Documents (AD) provide guidance for the implementation of Building Regulation requirements. The 2008 Approved document - Basements for dwellings, addendum 1: plain masonry and plain insitu concrete retaining walls was replaced in Dec 2013 by a The Building Regulations 2010 - Basements for Dwellings - Guidance Document, Practical guidance on helping to meet the relevant requirements in Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations.

This provides guidance on the design and construction of basements for dwellings and describes the means of meeting the relevant performance requirements of Schedule 1 of the Building Regulations 2010 with respect to the provision of basements to dwellings.

Each guidance clause will, as in the previous AD, be preceded by the Building Regulations Requirement (e.g. A1) to which the guidance relates. It also gives consideration to good practice for matters not directly or precisely covered by the Regulations.

To find out more about Basements contact, Basement Information Centre.

Acknowledgement: Basement Infomation Centre