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Concrete plant audit

Concrete is a product manufactured from multiple constituents, the quality of which depends on control over its production. A ready-mixed concrete batching plant should have a documented system for establishing that the production facilities are of a standard that permits it to supply concrete in accordance with BS EN 206 and BS 8500. Third party assured certification is provided by BSi or QSRMC.

The certification does not absolve the producer of supplying non-conforming material or of a class. The ready-mixed concrete supplier’s Quality representative should carry out an internal quality audit at selected intervals as defined by their quality manual.

It is also common practice and recommended that an audit on the potential concrete supplier should be carried out by the specifier’s Quality representative or materials engineer when they are involved with the award of high profile contract, or where there is need for special concretes or application.

The audit is often a checklist of the following topics:

  • - Plant capabilities
  • - Material Storage and Handling
  • - Batching Equipment
  • - Batch records
  • - Mixers
  • - Truck mixers
  • - Ticketing
  • - Inspection
  • - Training records
  • - Calibration
  • - Inspection Procedures
  • - Maintenance records
  • - Environmental and safety procedures

This list is not exhaustive and other requirements may be necessary.

Acknowledgement: Concrete Society

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